Best Dry Dog Foods in 2020

1. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula  Blue Buffalo Foods always contain Real meat which is the best source of high-quality protein for your furry friend. I have been feeding this to my dog for the last few months and I am Really amazed by the strength it provides to the muscles of my dog along … Read more

Why Does My Dog Do This?…5 Odd Dog Behaviors Defined

It’s no secret that dogs and humans often exhibit very different behavioural habits. After all, if you walked around sniffing others people’s butts in an attempt to get to know them, you might be sent in for a mental evaluation. Yet, some of these odd behaviours—like sniffing butts or rolling around in stinky things—are very … Read more

5 Methods for Helping Your Rescue Dog Overcome Anxiety

If you’ve ever dealt with anxiety in your own life, you know how unpleasant the experience is. Now think about what it must feel like for a rescue dog who doesn’t understand why they are feeling nervous, anxious, and fearful. It’s devastating to watch a dog suffer with anxiety as they are unable to relax, … Read more

How to Potty Train a Yorkshire Terrier?

Do you own a Yorkshire Terrier? If yes, believe me, You are really blessed and lucky. Yorkshire Terriers are a really cute breed of dogs and amongst the most popular as well. If you have just got a Yorkie at your home, you should be aware that you need to Potty train your pet Yorkie. Training … Read more

How Big will Teacup Yorkies Grow?

A Yorkie owner often has a lot of questions in his mind related to his breed. One of the questions that many Yorkshire Terrier owners often ask me is “How Big will my Teacup Yorkies grow?” This is actually quite a common question of Yorkie owners. And I will try my best to answer this … Read more