Is Sheepadoodle the right breed for you and your family?

Dog lovers love Poodle mix breeds. Whether it’s Aussiepoodle, Labradoodle, or Goldendoodle, Poodle cross-breeds are loved around the world. This is because of their super cute and adorable looks, soft coat, and intelligence.

Sheepadoodle is another name in that list of Poodle mix-breeds and is a pretty interesting breed.

According to breeders, they are a perfect mix between the two breeds – Old English Sheepdog and Poodle. This is the reason that they highly promote and breed this breed of dogs.

But it is what they think and wants their buyers to think as well. But is it a reality as well? That’s what I would be covering in this detailed guide on Sheepadoodle or Sheepapoo (some call it by this).

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There are many popular viewpoints regarding Sheepadoodles, with one of them being that it’s pretty easy to adjust this breed in your family and they are well-behaved and easy to train.

Well, most of the time, these views are promoted by breeders who wanna sell them at a higher rate.

But I have analyzed Sheepadoodles on each and every aspect and will tell you both the good and bad things about them. I will list down any temperament, behavioral, or health problems they can suffer from. I will cover the fact if they are truly hypoallergenic or not and what would be their diet, grooming and exercising needs.

Who is a Sheepadoodle? Who are its parents?

introduction to sheepadoodle