15 Actionable Steps to Stop your Yorkie from Eating his Poop

Yorkshire Terriers are a very cute and good looking breed of dogs. Their small size attracts even the most cold-hearted people.

They are mostly well-behaving, though, like any other breed, Yorkies can also suffer from some of the major behavioural problems.

I am Daniela Carrera, a certified professional dog trainer and I have solved a lot of Yorkshire Terrier’s behavioural problems. A lot of Yorkie owners come to me with one common problem which their pet Yorkies suffer from.

And that is, Their pet Yorkshire Terrier dogs either eats their own poop or any other animal’s poop. Yes, you may feel creepy and cringy but Yorkshire Terriers have this major problem in their personality.

If your Yorkie also eats his poop and you really wanna stop him from eating it, you are at the best place possible as I will share with you all of my expertise and experience and help you Stop your Yorkshire Terrier from eating his poop.

Challenges you might Face 

I have trained a lot of dog breeds but Yorkshire Terriers are one of the most stubborn breeds of dogs that I have met.

This stubbornness makes things difficult for you if you want to stop your Yorkies poop eating habit. If they form a habit, it’s really very difficult to break that habit of theirs.

But with proper training knowledge, patience and perseverance, you can not only stop your Yorkshire Terrier to stop eating poop but also train him for literally anything (Includes getting rid of Behavioural problems).

Why is your Yorkie eating his own poop (Feces)?

Before I begin to guide with what you need to do in order to stop your dog from eating the poop, You need to understand the major reason behind this kind of behaviour from your Yorkshire Terrier dog.

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